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Life / Life - 9 months ago

The 5-second Reddit Super Bowl ad you probably missed

If you stared at your chicken wings too long, you may have missed it. Reddit, the social news site and "frontpage of the internet" launched their first Super Bowl ad shortly after the halftime show on Sunday. But the ad was only 5-seconds long. ...

Life / Life - 9 months ago

The Weeknd's halftime show funhouse is mirrored in memes

I can't find my mom when I'm with you.  The Weeknd's glitzy Super Bowl halftime show featured a socially distanced chorus, backup dancers in face masks, and a steady supply of cocaine references. The standout, according to the internet at least...

Life / Life - 9 months ago

Amanda Gorman's Super Bowl poem honors pandemic heroes

Amanda Gorman is the first poet to perform at the Super Bowl.  The 22-year-old poet, who became the youngest inaugural poet when she performed at President Biden's inauguration last month, honored the three captains chosen to participate in the...